ELEVATE HEALTH CLINICS was established as a national group dedicated to providing an alternative to traditional Western medicine by providing cutting edge Stem Cell therapies & Functional Medicine treatments. Our Men’s & Women’s Health programs focus specifically on your personal needs and chemistry to help you treat symptoms associated with hormone deficiencies, erectile dysfunction and menopause. We will also work with you to treat painful conditions like arthritis, neuropathy, back pain, and respiratory conditions. All of these factors can profoundly affect one’s health and lead to significant weight gain, so in addition to these treatments we also offer a weight loss program that can be custom built just for you and where you are at in your recovery process.

Regarding your quality of life, nothing should keep you from striving to be the best version of yourself. It doesn’t matter the conditions or issues that are in front of you.

While you are visiting one of our clinics you’ll find care, respect, and understanding. We take pride in seeing our patients overcome their conditions or issues.

That’s the promise of Elevate Health Clinics!

Dr. Jordan Kopcio
Dr. Jill Zdan
DJ Barton
Patient Care Advocate
Robert Myers
Chris Allen
Patient Care Advocate
Karen Padilla
Patient Care Advocate (PCA)
Libby Cameron
Registered Nurse
Amie Allison
Medical Assistant
"We strive to lovingly serve our patients as Jesus would, treating ailments with cutting-edge technologies to the best of our ability—even those who would not realize their dream without financial assistance."
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