Dyspareunia Treatment

End the Pain During Intercourse

Most experts would define dyspareunia as pain during intercourse. Some women report they have pain even during foreplay. This pain can be enough to prevent you from having or enjoying sex. Not surprisingly, the condition can create significant problems in your intimate relationships.

Understanding Dyspareunia Symptoms and Causes

You don’t have to accept the condition as the new status quo. Instead, there are ways that you can take back control of your sex life.  It starts with a full physical by one of the specialty-trained medical providers. This includes a medication review to ensure that you’re not taking anything that’s counteracting your libido. Sometimes, it’s possible to switch out one medication with this side effect for another one that doesn’t have it.

A pelvic exam rules out any structural problems as well as inflammations that are causing pain. If you have an infection, now’s a good time to deal with it. In this case, antibiotics may be a precursor to dyspareunia treatment.

Many women can benefit from a vaginal rejuvenation treatment. It relies on the UltraFemme 360 treatment method that uses radio frequencies to treat the affected areas. For starters, it returns the vagina to its youthful appearance. Secondarily, it boosts the blood flow to the clitoris, which leads to an increase in sensitivity. Women report that this boost also resulted in an increased sex drive, which led to natural lubrication.

The O-Shot is Another Dyspareunia Treatment

For something that offers a faster and longer-lasting result, the O-Shot could be the ideal dyspareunia treatment. Specialty trained medical providers take a small amount of blood from you and isolate the platelet-rich matter. They then inject it back into your body. You don’t have to worry about allergic reactions because it’s your own blood.

Similar to the Ultra Femme 360 treatment, the O-Shot increases blood flow to the vagina. In addition, it activates your stem cells to repair tissues and blood vessels, which allows this treatment to last longer. Moreover, women report responding again to vaginal stimulation, experiencing an increase in natural lubrication, and the ability to orgasm again, both stronger and more frequently.

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