Low Sex Drive in Women

The Natural Way of Dealing With the Condition and Its Causes

A significantly reduced sex drive -or none whatsoever- is common among women as they mature.

Most importantly, there is usually more than one reason that leads to low libido.  Frequently, there’s a mix of emotional, mental and physiological factors that combine to create a low sex drive in women.

Is it Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD)?

If you experience changes in your sex drive, you’re not alone. In fact, so many women struggle with a low sex drive that there’s even a name for it: sexual desire disorder (HSDD).

This condition doesn’t refer to the occasional times when you aren’t in the mood. Moreover, it doesn’t apply to times when a relationship has run its course, and you’re just no longer feeling “it” for your partner. Instead, HSDD refers to an overall hit to your libido. You have no interest in sex, masturbation, or even fantasies.

Of course, consider what your current stage in life might be; sexual desire naturally changes with childbirth, motherhood & menopause.  However, if you aren’t experiencing any of those and you’ve received a clean bill of health from your doctor, you may be suffering from HSDD.

Common Causes of Low Sex Drive in Women

  • Relationship Issues — If your love life is cooling, there’s a good chance that you’re dealing with unresolved relationship issues. Things you might have overlooked while you were in the “in love” phase of the relationship are now becoming elephants in the room.
  • Job stress — An increase in stress hormones leads to a decrease in sexual desire. You can’t turn off your mind when you get home, and the romantic overtures of your partner might fall on deaf ears.
  • Inability to Orgasm — Losing the ability to reach an orgasm leaves you feeling unfulfilled after your partner rolls over and snores. It’s no wonder that you’re not really into having sex any longer.
  • Pain During Sex — Vaginal dryness is a common problem for pre-menopausal women. But it’s not something they mention to their partners over dinner. When sex hurts, it’s no surprise that you’re not into it.
  • Medications — Some medications create a low sex drive in women. They include birth control pills and some antidepressants. Of course, fear of pregnancy and depression also lower the sex drive. Blood pressure medication, too, can lead to a low sex drive.
  • Low Testosterone — This might be news to you, but women do have testosterone. Most importantly, it plays a role in sex drive. When there isn’t enough to go around, your libido suffers. Low testosterone levels can be due to exposure to endocrine disruptors. One of the big ones is phthalate.

Whether You Have Low or No Sex Drive Whatsoever, There's Help!

Low libido can put tremendous stress on your marriage or romantic relationship. However, you don’t have to accept your current lack of sex drive as the status quo. Instead, there are plenty of natural ways of dealing with the condition and its causes.

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